Briac Pollier : freelance 2D motion graphic artist

3D animation made with 3DsMax during my studies in the Poitiers school of Fine Arts, with source elements made in Illustrator. I have always been interested by political art, criticizing aspects of society I don't like rather than uninteresting abstract concepts or pure aesthetics finality. Here I criticize formatting of society into a unique way of thinking, our education influences us into not understanding and therefore not liking people who don't have the same way of thinking as average people. As an example it is considered as normal to dedicate one's life to work, however is that really a logical and natural way of being happy? Personally, as much as I do think that working requires a huge amount of seriousness and implication, I also think that the ultimate goal is not purely to earn money but to do something out of it, and if possible not only to fulfil natural needs, but to do something enjoyable out of life. In my case, travelling. Money, in our society the way it works, is a need, not the ultimate goal. As a matter of fact, people who think differently to other ones are not understood, frighten, and are therefore excluded from society. Isn't it the main reason why gipsy people have always suffered a very strong racism? Isn't the main reason for that racism simply the fact people don't understand their not secular way of life, which doesn't fit in the mould?
My way of covering that subject fitting with the end of studies projects thematic I had chosen, treating letters as animated caracters, I chose to symbolize / personify it through typographic letters using logos as soldiers, forcing manuscript letters to go through a judgement at the end of which the sentence is always to fit the mould, to become typographic letters. Of course that arbitrary judgement is conducted by the dollar, symbolizing money, for governmental decisions are often influenced by it's supreme power. However is money a solution to everything? In order to always get more, we try to be always more productive and suck up earth's ressources, forgetting they are not infinite, and we destroy it through pollution... A kind of suicide.
My visual set-up, as for the “Little i” animations, my concept was very innovative, because if the video-clip “The child” inspired me, it uses full words and not just letters. I was also inspired by the visual set-up of the The Twilight Zone episode The obsolete man, for the sequence in thge judgement hall. I think the visual set-up of that TV episode is just as good as that of some of the best movies.
Length: 43 seconds (preview)

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