Briac Pollier : freelance 2D motion graphic artist

Mix of hand-drawing, colouring in Photoshop, and After Effects compositing, made during my studies in the Poitiers school of Fine Arts, based on the thematic of changing letters into graphical elements / animation characters having their own personality. I had chosen that as my main thematic for end of studies projects. Here the tortures the letters are put through change them into another letter / a number. As for my “Little i”animations, the concept was innovative, because even though the videoclip “The Child” inspired me, in it words become physical elements, not just letters. I have to admit, though, I had other sources of inspiration, such as beginning of last century animations, like Felix the Cat who used abstract elements supposed to show a state of surprise or anger, interrogation or exclamation points, as physical elements he could actually use to, for example, climb to the top of a tower. The same applies in the very first Mickey Mouse animations, where he is attacked by music notes which also become physical elements. However in neither case these elements became characters / heroes of the story, as in my animations. They just became physical objects.
Length : 12 seconds

Please click on a thumbnail to watch the video :

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