Briac Pollier : freelance 2D motion graphic artist


Please select the section of my portfolio you would like to see. Each section contains examples of my works, of the kind of offering I can give you. The majority is commercial creations, project which have been paid for, in domains where my work experience is strong.
There are also however some creations which date from my studies, thus in order to give you the broader preview of any possible service I can give you, even in a field I have never made an invoice for I might have the skills and be up to the task. Especially if I have already proven my skills in that field, even though not through a commercial project.
As you can see the motion design section is by far the fullest, as it is the one where I have by far the biggest experience and which I prefer. But I have other skills.
Keep in mind that even though I regularly update my website with the newest creations, most of them cannot be made available on the internet as they contain confidential data. I very often work for movies used for conventions, and the multinationals I work for wouldn't like their competitors to be able to access them.

My website's name is was chosen for a reason : I am a motion designer first. That's the graphic design field I prefer and in which I managed to get the strongest work experience. I am able to do any kind of 2D motion design, but it's in the corporate field, convention movies, that I have for many years proven my skills. Efficiency, reactivity and creativity.
Conventional medias are not my favourite ones, they are less creative to me than the mix of graphic design and motion. Rather than say whoever can do the most can do the least, for working on still images ending up on paper requires some specific technical skills, I will just say I also own these. Not only through my studies, but also through professional work.
Rather than use the webdesign term I prefer this broader one in order to qualify this section. Some initially web targetted technologies can be interesting for different uses indeed, especially Flash : it enables for a specific kind of animations a quicker execution time, I have therefore used it quite a lot for convention "movies". It is also a faster, easier and therefore cheaper technology for creating interactive apps for touchscreens. I can also create websites, and am therefore up to the task of giving you the 360 degrees kind of offering a creative agency would be able to give you, all by myself.
I created that kind of animations when I started working as a graphic designer, in a mobile content company, way before becoming a freelancer. I am completely aware of that format being kind of obsolete, but I leave on my website these handset "screensavers", not for the technology used, but for their looks. A big amount has been prepared with After Effects.
This section doesn't contain any commercial works, only personal and Fine Arts creations. I show them here because, even though knowing how to use a pencil or a brush is not a required skill for a graphic designer, it can be a big bonus on some projects. I sometimes use that skill for my commercial work, but with the help of a graphic tablet.