Briac Pollier : freelance 2D motion graphic artist


I mainly became a graphic designer because I enjoyed drawing, and for a long time I have had a comic book creation project, which, is still something I might do in the future. Going to an art school, EESI, was natural for me considering my state of mind. It is important for me to show those drawings on my website because they are part of who I am, since a lot of graphic designers nowadays don't even know how to hold a pencil, that doesn't mean they can't be creative but it certainly limits possibilities. That's even more true in the motion design area, where a lot of people see that kind of work on a technical point of view, animating graphical cereations of other people, closer to linear video editing than to actual design.
That's not my way of seeing things, it doesn't matter if being a graphic designer requires some solid technical skills in order to use the complex software which is dedicated to it, those, and the computers, are nothing but tools necessary for achieving a goal, giving life to a vision, in the same way as a paintbrush is nothing more than a tool a painter uses. Imagination, sense of balance and proportions, are not crated by the software... Unfortunately in the real world, limited costs limit real creation, originality becomes impossible, and a big part of being a good graphic designer, in order to respect the deadlines, consists in following trends and fashions that customers like, getting inspiration from other peoples' work, it's important to find an in between solution in which the personality of the graphic designer can still be seen.
This kind of section on a professional website might feel misplaced, but it's important for me to show that, before knowing how to use the software I use, I knew how to draw sketches, imagine fictional landscapes and characters, that before knowing how to animate elements on a computer, I created animations on sheets of paper, where each frame was hand-drawn. It's no coincidence that I went to an arts school, and that's where the difference between a creative person and a technician lies...

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  • “Alone n°2”
  • “Alone”
  • Black female nude
  • Black female nude
  • Black female nude
  • Orange female nude
  • A street (engraving)
  • Charcoal of old man
  • Grey female nude
  • Coloured female nude
  • Coloured female nude
  • Male nude
  • Sketch of my brother
  • “Handprint”
  • Charcoal of stone bust
  • “Gentlehand”
  • Texture painting (stone and rust)
  • Fruits (colour pencils)
  • “Beach”
  • Sketch of a friend