Briac Pollier : freelance 2D motion graphic artist


This section contains numerous examples of graphic creations I have made during my professional experience, which are related to internet: websites, flash animations, amongst which many advertisement banners, flash mini-sites... Even though I have decided to specialize myself in the video field a while ago, because of which I don't get orders directly related to the internet anymore (besides from creating animations which are meant to end up on the internet, of course) I thought it would be interesting to showcase that kind of work, since it's part of my professional experience, and shows that my focus has always been on creating images, whether they end up in videos or on other media.
I am also absolutely open to work proposals outside of motion design, as long as they are about creation of original graphic design, since that's the only kind of work I am only to charge for in order to comply with my legal status.
A lot of these projects not being on-line anymore, I left image captures with explanations.
As for other parts of my portfolio, part of my creations are not publicly visible here since I am bound by confidentiality clauses.
I created most of these images, websites and banners as an employee for GE Healthcare's European HQ, where I worked during a one year period, as a graphic designer and project manager for their website, then for Mobibase, where I also was an employee for the same amount of time, when that company was specialized in mobile phone content creation / distribution, then for CupOfCom, a company which was specialized in advertisement banners creation for the internet, also for a year.

Please select the website you wish to see, then click on the resized image to access it in case of a website :

  • Journey pictures
  • Flash site project
  • The graphic designer's blog
  • Presentation of One TV
  • Lancôme banner
  • Screensaver
  • Trésor Lancôme banner
  • La Flandre : distingués
  • La Flandre : fêtards
  • La Flandre : Explorateurs
  • Proposal for Look Voyages banner
  • Interactive monabanq banner proposal
  • Telemarket
  • Simone Pérèle banner
  • Former Mobibase corporate website
  • Draft for an FTV mobile download website
  • Greetings card
  • Event website: Euroanesthesia congress
  • Event website: PCR congress
  • Event website: ECR congress
  • Event website: ECR congress
  • Event website: JFR congress
  • Nouvelle Star banner
  • Flash Prodim presentation
  • Cetelem banner