Briac Pollier : freelance 2D motion graphic artist


Graduate from the EESI, the Poitiers / Angoulême Fine Arts school, specialized in new technologies, I started off as a versatile creative graphic designer based in Paris, but decided in 2008 with, back then, four years of professional experience mainly acquired as an employee, to specialize myself in 2D motion design, then becoming a 2D motion graphic artist. I am therefore still a graphic designer, but specialized in the video field, I prepare / create graphical elements in Photoshop and / or Illustrator, and then animate them with After Effects.
I have since then acquired an extensive experience in the video field, for internal communication, corporate movies, promotional movies (for congress booths / video marketing), product launch - product reveal videos (business conventions / presentation to distributors / press conferences), for large accounts, most of the time through production agencies but sometimes directly for them.
Like any good freelancer, I am autonomous, serious, efficient and dedicated, I am used to short delays and demanding customers. Bilingual, having spent three years of my childhood in a British Preparatory school, having been during one year employed as a graphic designer and project manager in a multinational American corporation, having travelled a lot, including a whole year in Australia, and being used to having English speaking people around me, either because that’s their native language or because I don’t speak theirs and they don’t speak mine, I am especially at ease with projects emanating from multinational corporations, which have to be designed in English in order to reach the broadest audience, and not just in my mother tongue.
I usually work onsite, in Paris, human contact being important especially in a day and age when technology is taking too much space in our lives. This is generally appreciated since it makes work more efficient, exchanges more direct.
I am not a video editor, and I don’t do VFX. My legal status (“affilié à la Maison Des Artistes”), is lighter on taxes than for other freelancers working in France, but that comes with some constraints, I have to sell original graphical creations. I am not forbidden doing some video editing within a graphical project, but that can’t be the main part of my work nor be what I charge for. In the same way as a web-designer with that status is allowed to do some coding, but only if the aim is to finalize a web site he / she has created the look of. That’s also completely fully in line with my professional and educational background.
If you are interested in my profile and would like to know more about me, please feel free to contact me.
Even though I am now a freelancer, I am also open to interesting positions abroad.