Briac Pollier : freelance 2D motion graphic artist


Having started as a video - print - web graphic designer before specializing in motion design, I have often had to work on still images, sometimes in order to send them for printing, but most of the time for the web. This section contains graphic design projects I've worked on which didn't contain movement nor interaction, such as newsletters.
It's not the most content-rich part of my website, because even before being a professional, I valued animated content the most, the arts school I graduated from being oriented towards new technologies, spread over two locations, Angoulême which has an emphasise on comics, picture taking and multimedia, and Poitiers, the part I was in, which favoured video, motion graphics and animation...
Creating graphical elements has always been a pleasure for me, but working on page layouts is much less of my cup of tea, and even less technical aspects related to printing... Even though I know about them...

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  • “76 n°2”
  • “76 n°3”
  • “76 n°1”
  • TV trip newsletter
  • Vente-privée newsletter
  • Proposal for birthday email
  • Monabanq newsletter
  • Monabanq newsletter
  • Petit Bateau newsletter proposal
  • Maxichèque
  • Cetelem newsletter
  • Thalys newsletter
  • Poster for a Six Sigma event
  • e-breakfast
  • CAP Négo: brochure
  • “Students' guide”
  • “Solidarity in town?”
  • “Magasin”
  • “Street”
  • Words made with images
  • Some friends and me