Briac Pollier : freelance 2D motion graphic artist


I grouped here animated gifs I created for Mobibase, a company in which I was employed for a year as a graphic designer and project manager. Back then, that company's speciality was mobile phone content creation and distribution, ant it had contracts with other companies in that field, such as Hands On Mobile, a company specialized in mobile games, with a lot of content, especially for Marvel, and they wanted to broaden their offering with cellphone “screensavers”.
That's how I ended up creating animated gifs, the animation format which was the most compatible with those days' cellphones, with famous characters from Marvel comics universe. Most of the source elements I used were prepared for marketing purposes, still images designed to be printed on posters, toy boxes, packaging... Therefore they weren't optimized for animation at all, and the few elements which were separated weren't created that way in order to make movements easier to create.
Even though it was the most interesting one, Marvel was not the only brand Hands On Mobile was working under licence for, and I wasn't creating gif images only for them. Therefore, I have also created and animated my own illustrations, in order to broaden the offering of my employer's catalogue.
The most simple animations were made with Imageready, before a timeline made its appearance inside Photoshop and that software was abandoned. But the most complicated ones were made with After Effects, since I wanted quality animations, the size of the screen they ended on didn't matter to me.
I created these animations between 2005 and 2006.

Please click on a thumbnail to see a bigger image :

  • Marvel: X-Men - Wolverine
  • Marvel: X-Men - Gambit
  • Marvel: X-Men - Rogue
  • Marvel: Spiderman
  • Marvel: Spiderman
  • Marvel: Spiderman
  • Marvel: Spiderman
  • Marvel: Hulk
  • Marvel: Hulk
  • Marvel: Spiderman - Rhino
  • Marvel: Spiderman - Green Goblin
  • Marvel: Spiderman - Rhino
  • Marvel: Ultimate X-Men - Cyclop
  • Marvel: Ultimate X-Men - Wolverine
  • Gasbags : Aimless scruttock
  • Gasbags
  • Gasbags : Rot Rat
  • Gasbags : Buttock biter
  • Stoned cow
  • Singing pig
  • Marvel: Ultimate X-Men - Beast
  • Marvel: Ultimate X-Men - Storm
  • Marvel: Ultimate X-Men - Magneto
  • World Pocker Tour
  • American Pie 4