Briac Pollier : freelance 2D motion graphic artist

Presentation of Dorval Asset Management's areas of expertise, created for Mirada agency in Paris, with an already existing graphical base since their corporate website and main visuals of that company had been created by another agency. Their key visuals showing the values they wish to emphasize on as works of art in a gallery, we decided, in order to remain creative, to only keep the main image in order to show the chapters / different sections of the video, and then to dive within a monochrome picture in order to gain creative freedom. To make these two universes consistent, we decided to go for kinetic typography animation. I based my choices, on which word will appear on-screen, in which position and with which animation, and when to use an illustration rather than text, on the base of the script which was used by the speaker. For the illustrations I had to get validation from my customer.
One of the end customer's requests made the exercise more complicated: they wanted a video which could be understood with the sound turned off. We therefore had to hand them over an animation which, unlike other kinetic typography animations, wouldn't just use text an visuals in order to emphasize something spoken, but also had to be didactic. And yet look good.
I created the illustrations which are used within this animation with Adobe Illustrator, and the animation itself with After Effects. I have also done the linear editing of the voice, based on the script which was given to me, choosing the sections which were the most appropriate.
Duration: 2 minutes 34
Fall of 2015

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